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  • 促進學術交流,建立教育研究平台
  • 透過會議、研討會與出版物以促進學術交流
  • 推廣教育研究的成果和實際應用,以提升教育的品質
  • 積極參與和經營與國際教育相關的協會,如「世界教育研究協會」(WERA)
  • 作為教育研究國際交流的平台,促進全球教育研究社群間的合作

The TERA2022 is hosted by Taiwan Education Research Association (TERA), which is based in the Institute of Education, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohisung, Taiwan. TERA is a founding association of the World Educational Research Association that aims to promote academic exchanges in educational research and international collaboration among educational research communities. Formally established on July, 14, 2009, Taiwan Education Research Association (TERA) is a non-profit organization for professionals working at all levels of education committed to improving the practice of instruction, conducting and applying educational research. The mission of TERA is:

  • to enhance academic exchanges and establish platform for educational research;
  • to facilitate academic discourse through conferences, seminars, and publications;
  • to disseminate educational research outcomes and practices and to upgrade education quality;
  • to actively participate in the formation and operation of international education-related associations such as “ World Education Research Association” (WERA);
  • to function as a channel for international exchanges in education research and to promote global cooperation among educational research communities;

TERA websitehttps://tera.nsysu.edu.tw/

理事長The current President of TERA:
莊雪華教授 (Dr. Hsueh-Hua Chuang )
Professor, Institute of Education of National Sun Yat-sen University)

榮譽理事長Honorary President of TERA:
鄭英耀教授(Dr. Ying-Yao Cheng )

國立中山大學校長President, National Sun Yat-sen University .
國立中山大學教育研究所教授Professor, Institute of Education of National Sun Yat-sen University

秘書長The current General Secretary:
謝百淇教授(Dr. Paichi Pat Shein)

Professor, Institute of Education of National Sun Yat-sen University.